Client Management Solutions - HP Image Assistant (HPIA)

HP Image Assistant (HPIA)

Version Softpaq # Date OS Softpaq Exe sp82338 10/23/2017 Windows (7, 8.1, 10) sp82338.exe sp81120 06/30/2017 Windows (7, 8.1, 10) sp81120.exe sp78968 01/23/2017 Windows (7, 8.1, 10) sp78968.exe sp77738 09/30/2016 Windows (7, 8.1, 10) sp77738.exe


This package provides the HP Image Assistant (HPIA) for supported notebook, desktop, and workstation models that are running a supported operating system.

The HP Image Assistant is a free tool that provides assistance to IT System Administrators to improve the quality and security of their PC Windows image by diagnosing the image, identifying problems, recommending solutions, and analyzing your PC's readiness for migration to and from Windows 7 or Windows 10.


  • Provides support for Windows 10 version 1709.
  • Provides refined options to upgrade the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).


  • Adds support for individual versions of Windows 10.
  • Updates the report format.
  • Improves the user interface.


  • Provides feature to assist with Windows OS migration.
  • Provides limited firmware update support.
  • Improves recommendations for all platforms.
  • Provides dependency information for the softpaq.


  • Provides the ability to download all the out-of-date drivers and applications with single button click.
  • Supports 11 language localization.
  • Improves recommendations for all platforms.
  • Provides proxy server configuration.
  • Provides the ability to export data in .csv format.


  • Supports Windows Operating System for which HP provides support for drivers only (OS not pre-installed from factory).
  • Added tooltip to the recommended SoftPaq
  • Improved recommendation for off-line devices


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed bug related with apostrophe "'" in software name.


  • Desktops
  • Notebooks
  • Workstations


  1. Download the file by clicking Download or Obtain Software button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved).
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to extract the contents of the SoftPaq.