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HP ImageDiags


HP ImageDiags is a tool designed to help HP Support diagnose customer problems more easily.

Version Date OS Download Link 02/21/2021 Windows 10


  • Release date 2/21/2021
  • Added instructions on how to run the tool from CMD line on the license page to workaround the GUI issue on lower resolution screens.
  • Improved HP preinstall image logging by adding c:\recovery folder as well as the Osit\snt files from system.sav.
  • Hidden hardware devices are now reported in [Windows devices and drivers] under the subsection [Unconnected (hidden) Devices]
  • Better BitLocker reporting by trying to include the BitLocker event log, and also a PCR register dump under [Security Info] under the subsection [PCR Values].
  • Added DeviceInstall Restrictions registry key in the docking report.
  • Added Auto upload progress so user has a better idea of bytes being uploaded if they upload to an HPRC dropbox.


  • Release date 1/11/2021
  • Added [Camera HW IDs] section in Windows devices and drivers section.
  • Enhanced shutdown logging to include one return code we were missing.


  • Release date 12/14/2020
  • Enhanced WLAN profile collection.
  • Enhanced platform support.